0:00 = Bryan Callen not doing fight companions anymore. “Outliers” book about The Beatles, original drummer that got kicked out. Girls acting hysterical for The Beatles and celebrities. Eddie poses the idea that the hysterical behavior could be staged.

7:35 = “Baby metal”. Korean pop bands, “BTS”. Youth culture today.

10:05 = Recent mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA. Mental health issues, mass shootings as an indication that something is wrong with American culture.

13:50 = Nazi propaganda films. Derren Brown’s Netflix special “Sacrifice”. Geo Martinez calls Eddie Bravo live on speakerphone, brief BJJ talk.

17:35 = Tony Ferguson. Whether or not MMA fighters should spar before fights. Dale Earnhardt Jr. talking about his concussion issues on Rogan’s podcast this week. Differences between Boxing and MMA sparring.

25:50 = Chuck Liddell’s current training camp. Snoop Dogg sparring with a UFC fighter, Mario Lopez training with pro boxers, his fight with adult film star Tyler Knight.

31:55 = Theo Von. Big Jay, Legions of Skanks podcast. Ari Shaffer, Sober October.

34:50 = New “Rocky” movie, actor Michael B. Jordan. Comedian Chris D’Elia.

38:55 = Brendan Schaub’s interest in fashion. “Tropic Thunder” ending blackface, making fun of mentally challenged people. History of blackface. Shaun White getting flak for his Halloween costume.

43:25 = New gender terms. Gender fluidity, not being able to criticize or question these new terms or concepts. Suicide rates of Transgender people. Transgender people being subjected to hate crimes.

50:00 = PTSD from growing up in bad areas. Multi-facets of depression, anti-depressants helping some people, Ari Shaffir as an example. Success helping depression. Eddie talks about having perspective, being thankful for what you have.

55:05 = Los Angeles area fires, Northern California fires being even worse. Cars melting in the fires. Eddie poses the idea the fires are being started by new weapons.

1:02:50 = Filtering seawater being too expensive.

1:04:55 = MMA talk, fighters Beneil Dariush, Paul Felder, Mike Perry.

1:10:00 = Ben Askren/Robbie Lawler fight. Joe’s role in getting Askren into the UFC.

1:21:30 = BJJ history talk. Bareknuckle boxing. Joe and Brendan debate bareknuckle MMA.

1:28:00 = Lacrosse, Brendan playing lacrosse in college. Joe’s past car stereos, Joe and Eddie’s past cars.

1:34:40 = Eddie talks about potential bias towards gay men in fighting, general sexism in MMA. Eddie’s opinion that the music industry has a disproportionate amount of homosexuality compared to other industries.

1:42:15 = UFC fighters Germaine de Randamie, Cris Cyborg.

1:45:30 = Eddie announces he has to leave for 10th Planet BJJ 15th anniversary party.

1:49:00 = Germaine de Randamie, fight talk. Upcoming Cyborg/Amanda Nunes fight.

1:59:20 = Upcoming Donald Cerrone/Mike Perry fight. Paul Felder.

2:05:45 = Tyron Woodley getting upset at Joe for saying Logan Paul could beat CM punk in an MMA fight. Schaub’s beginnings in MMA.

2:09:15 = Live Donald Cerrone/Mike Perry fight commentary.

2:18:00 = “Overlord” movie. Making a video game. More Donald Cerrone talk.

2:23:50 = Upcoming TJ Dillashaw/Henry Cejudo fight. Bellator fighter Aaron Pico.

2:31:00 = Bodybuilding, “Pumping Iron” era, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Progression of bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates. New Ronnie Coleman Netflix documentary.

2:37:55 = Yair Rodriquez/Korean Zombie live fight commentary. More Ronnie Coleman and bodybuilding talk. Spray-tanning in bodybuilding, the similarity to blackface but not being controversial for some reason. “Chocolate body”.

2:52:30 = Joe and Brendan discuss unusual looking female bodybuilders. More Yair/Korean Zombie live fight commentary.

3:01:05 = Warthogs/wild boars/pigs, difference between wild and domesticated pigs. Hunting wild pigs. Live fight commentary.

3:10:25 = Best KO’s of the year in MMA. Post-fight wrap up. Best elbow KO’s.

3:18:35 = More “Chocolate body” bodybuilding talk. Twitch allowing female models to use body paint. Live podcasting. Brendan’s upcoming Showtime comedy special.

3:27:20 = Sober October, hard cardio making you feel more relaxed. Yoga being more difficult than running. Joe sends his thoughts out to all those affected by the California wildfires. Podcast