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JRE #1224 – Adam Greentree

Adam Greentree, of Newcastle, is an internationally recognised and extremely respected bowhunter. He lives in Merewether with his wife, Kim, and their three children.

Greentree has more than 233,000 followers on instagram and documents an intimate account of his life as a bowhunter, including the epic, solo back-country hunts he undertakes in many different parts of the world, including Australia.

He also hosts a podcast, Bowhunters Life, with his wife Kim, where they discuss the adventures of the modern bowhunter.


Topics discussed on this podcast:

01:00 – on kids and Australia

04:13 – Joe Rogan as a bull elk being torn apart by wolves

15:07 – “You can’t punch someone in the face anymore”

16:53 – Joe Rogan as a dialling 1994 internet modem

21:30 – on video games

21:43 – Joe and the pyramids

39:50 – the meteor explosion

47:00 – on NASA and space exploration

1:16:49 – Joe Rogan as cannibalising pigs / Lord of The Rings Orchs

1:18:18 – bonsai kittens

1:26:30 – Jamie gets roasted

1:33:52 – is it ok to kill someone for screwing your wife

2:05:37 – chimps, of course!

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